One fine day

Give me a sunny afternoon with the kids and I am a happy lady. Give me that same afternoon on the beach and I’m over the moon. Let that sunny afternoon melt into a perfect pink sunset and I can’t imagine a more magical way to end the day. Sometimes I wish these moments could last forever.

Happy 5th (!) birthday Peanuts!

Paul and Amelia will turn 5 this week (in three days to be exact) but the month of September is so crazy busy that the closest free day we could have their party on was this past weekend – a couple of days early. They have been talking for months about the space birthday that they were going to have (it’s their latest craze) and how there was going to be a rocket ship for them to play in. Of course with our recent move and the start of kindergarten (and the boxes and boxes we still haven’t unpacked) we didn’t have much time to prepare, but lucky for us it doesn’t take too terribly much time or money to impress a pair of 5 year olds. Just a bit of construction paper, string and some patience. Amelia even helped me hang the stars.birthday-2IMG_3807Ben built them their rocket ship out of a moving wardrobe boxbirthday-1And of course a birthday shirt (Amelia was telling Ben about how they ALWAYS have a birthday shirt so we couldn’t disappoint)birthday-3There were lots of cousins in attendanceIMG_3832IMG_3834birthday-4And lots of eating (brunch and of course cake)IMG_3829IMG_3838IMG_3845IMG_3849IMG_3853IMG_3856Lots of babiesIMG_3858IMG_3863Rae wins for youngest party guestIMG_3861And some dangling upside downbirthday-5IMG_3860IMG_3876Overall I’d say it was a successful first gathering in the new house, especially considering the total chaos of the last few months! The kids had a blast and were totally worn out from all of the festivities. Happy 5th birthday to my Peanuts, I cannot believe how big you’re getting. I love you so much!

so much news…

The last few months have been the definition of whirlwind. We decided to move, we found and hired a contractor, renovated the house I grew up in, packed up and sold our old house, moved to the “new” house… and to top it all off, the kids had their first day of kindergarten the Monday after we moved in. Oh, and yeah, Edith had a birthday party in there somewhere. To say it was exhausting would be a major understatement. I have lots of photos of all of the above, but the internet has been out for the past few days so I haven’t been able to post any. So for now…

Edith the birthday girl with her dragonfly balloon (she had a bug party)
happy-birthday-edithThe first day of kindergarten. Everyone was exhausted from the move and we had to wake them up. They were excited but also SO sleepy.IMG_3719IMG_3721They were even more tired after their first full day (it was a lot to take in!) but they still loved it and have since gotten used to the early wake up time.kindergartenIMG_3726When Edith and I went back to make sure we’d gotten everything out of the old house before we closed the sale, she insisted in taking a photo of herself with her Mickey balloon in every room of the house.house1I loved the old house and all of the memories we made there, so it’s very bittersweet moving. On the one hand I miss our cozy old home, but I’m also feeling very at home in the new place since I grew up here, and I’m so excited to be closer to friends and family. I have lots more photos to share of the old place (before and after moving out) and some of the new place (in moving-in progress) too. Hopefully in the next few days…

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